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Variety of cultural process played an important role in making of nationalism in India . When people start to believe that they have a common culture, identity ,this leads to development of a national identity amongst them.
History and fiction , folklore and songs all played an important part in making of nationalism.It was in 20 th century that the identity of India came to be visualised with the image of Bharat Mata.In 1870s Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote Vande Matram ,a hymn  praising the motherland which was widely sung in Swadeshi movement.
Moved by this Abindranath Tagore painted the image of Bharat Mata where she is potrayed as calm , divine and spiritual.Devotion to this mother figure came to be seen as evidence of one's nationalism.
Ideas of nationalism also provoked through the movement to revive Indian folklore where personalities like Rabindranath Tagore roamed around the villages began collecting nursery rhymes, folk songs , ballads etc because they think these to be a symbol of national identity and the need to preserve them inorder to save the national identity from invasion of outside forces .As the nationalist movement developed the leaders became more and more aware of such icons and make use of them for unifying people and cultivalte a feeling of nationalism in them.
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