solution ts grewal grade 12 admission of partner q95 sollution

The solution to question number 95 (Admission of a Partner) has already been provided under Text Book Solutions. To view the solution please visit the below link.

For your second query, in this case the total capital of the firm is calculated on the basis of capital brought in by the new partner (D). Now, the total capital of the firm is Rs 1,28,000 of which we know that Rs 16,000 is capital contributed by D at the time of admission. Therefore, to calculate remaining partners capital, we deduct Rs 16,000 (D's Capital) from Total Capital (Rs 1,28,000) and the balance capital i.e. Rs 1,12,000 is apportioned to old partners (A, B and C) in their old profit sharing ratio of 6:5:3.

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in q 89 of admission capter grade 12 why do we subtract ds cap from tot cap of the firm?

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