should teenagers be health conscious or not....

-eating healthy is an important life lesson because we are what we eat and we deserve to put only the very best and freshest of foods in our body
-good health is crucial for being good in studies
-staying healthy should not be a choice or a privilege, it should be a right. Children these days are consuming more junk food than ever before and that is taking a toll on their health
-every fresh vegetable or fruit that we put in our body adds value to our system
-healthy foods give us a healthy mind and body to get ahead in life
-exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or maintain weight loss. Engaging in physical activities helps burn calories.
-being active contributes towards better health, both physical as well as mental
-exercise releases endorphins in the blood stream which makes one feel good and happy
-being active gives one greater endurance skills and stamina
-exercising regularly promotes better sleep which is crucial for the well-being of a person

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