satae and explain polygon law of vectors

Polygon Law of Vector Addition states that if there are multiple coplanar (same plane) vectors acting on a same point simultaneously such that they each one, when put in one order, represents a side of a regular (open) polygon both in magnitude and direction then the resultant of all these vectors will be the closing side of that regular polygon taken in reverse order.

So, in short the resultant (or net effect) of a polygon formed by multiple coplanar vectors would be in the same plane as the rest but will have a reversed order.

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 polygon law of vectors states that if a number of vectors are represented both in magnitude and direction by the open sides of a polygon taken in the same order then the resultant vector is represented both in magnitude and direction by the closing side of the polygon taken in opposite order . 

Polygon of Vectors



 From  DABC, we have,

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