Ritu is the manager of the northern division of a large corporate house. At what level does she work in the organisation? What are the basic functions?

Ritu being the manager of the northern division of the organisation is in the middle-level management. She and other mangers like her act as a link between the top management and the operational management. Her main task is to oversee the implementation of the plans and policies formulated by the top management by directing and supervising the functions of the lower management. 

The following are her basic functions. 

(i) Interpreting the policies formulated by the top management. 

(ii) To make sure that each department under her division has the required personnel and staff for carrying out the assigned work.

(iii) To assign the necessary duties to the persons working in various departments.

(iv) To encourage and motivate the personnel towards achieving the goals.

(v) Coordinating with the functions of other division heads. 

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