relationship between abiotic and biotic components of a forest

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All biotic components in a forest are dependent on the abiotic components for their survival. Like plants need sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for carrying out photosynthesis and producing food which is feed upon by other organisms. All organisms need water to hydrate their body, oxygen to carry out respiration and for production of energy, nutrients from the soil and land for their habitat.
Abiotic components are dependent on living organism in a way that after death every organism provides valuable nutrients to the soil and energy to the environment, they secrete carbon dioxide and oxygen that maintain the balance of gases in the air.  
Together, abiotic and biotic components form an ecosystem.

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Non living things are called abiotic and living things are called biotic
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animals(biotic) depend on water(abiotic)to fulfil their thirst
ex. of relationship between biotic and abiotic components of forest
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