Read the passage carefully and answer the given questions.

Once a cunning jackal jumped into a big tub of blue dye. ?I am your king,? he said. All the animals, big and small, believed him and bowed before him. The clever jackal smiled. Now he was the most powerful animal in the forest. He was proud to be a king.

Once, the jackal woke up in the middle of the night. The jackals in the forest were howling at the full moon in the sky. The blue jackal forgot he was a king. He, too, began to howl. ?Hu?aah! Hu?aah!? he cried. The animals ran out to see. ?He is not a king. He is just a jackal!? they shouted. They rushed to attack him. ?Stop, stop! I am sorry I tricked you. Please do not kill me!? said the blue jackal. The animals forgave him, but only after giving the jackal a good beating.
Q. What does this story teach us?


The story teaches us that ​​​​deception provides temporary pleasure and comfort. The era of deception is short-lived, and the truth is never hidden.

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