Rain is falling vertically with a speed of 35m/s . winds starts blowing after sometime with a speed of 12m/s in east to west direction . In which direction . In which direction should a boy waiting at a bus stop hold his umbrella ? this question was answered wrong by an expert i need d correct answer and explanaton for this :(

Wind is blowing in the direction from east to west direction and the direction of the rain is from east to west. The resultant direction of rain is to find the vector sum of both the vectors.

now, the resultant velocity is given as

R = ((35)2 + (12)2)1/2


R = 37 m/s

the direction of this resultant will be

tanθ = 12/35


θ = 19 degrees


the boy should hold his umbrella at an angle of 19 degree with the vertical or the direction of rainfall.




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