Radha found a worm crawling out of newly opened tetra pack of juice manufactured by a reputed company, Zest Ltd. She went back to the shopkeeper from whom the pack was purchased who directed her to call up the customer care centre. When all her efforts fell free, she went to a consumer activist, group to seek advice. The group decided to help Radha and take measures to impose restrictions on the sales of the firm’s products of the particular batch and urge customers to refrain from buying the products of the company. Zest Ltd. lost its image in the market. The CEO gave the responsibility of bringing back the lost image of the company to the Manager. 

  1. Identify the concept of marketing management which will help the Manager to get the firm out of the above crisis. 

  1. Also explain the role of above identified concept by stating any two points 

1. The concept of marketing management that help the manager is Public Relation. Through Public relation they can create goodwill of the company. To regulate the attitude of general public and create positive publicity.
2. Role of Public relation -
 (i) Publicity-  It is the form of advertisement where positive words are spread about. It is non paid form of advertisement. It is generally spread as a news.
 (ii) Counselling- In this public relation department  advice the management related to some general issues that can affect the image of the company.

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