Question :- "Political parties are rightly called the government in disguise." Justify the statement in reference to democratic politics by giving five arguments.
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Because of the following reasons, political parties are appropriately referred to as "government in disguise."-
  • These political parties win elections and go on to create a government.
  • They have a significant impact on how the country is formed.
  • Parties that come up short in elections can nevertheless have an impact. Those who disagree with the government's policies and failings are known as "political dissenters."
  • Many topics are brought up by them in order to influence public opinion. Occasionally, political parties organise campaigns to address the concerns of their constituents.
  • A local party leader is easier to approach than a government official for the average citizen. Because of this, even when they don't totally trust the other party, they still feel close to them.

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