Question 11 - staffing

11. Business of "Shardha Auto Pvt. Ltd," is confined only to one state. Now it intends to extend the same to two other states. Mr Jatin Jain, the managing director of the company, is busy in making a plan to this effect. First of all, he contacted Mrs Rukmani Devi Rana, the H.R. Manager of the company. Both were of the opinion that they would require 75 more employees to extend their business to two now states. On looking the record of existing employees, it transpired that 8 employees were going to retire very shortly. Besides, two employees were proceeding long - term study leave abroad for two years. Thus, company would now require 85 employees in all. Mrs Rana recommended to Mr Jatin that out of total vacant posts, 15 be reserved for women. Mr Jatin gladly accepted the proposal. Now, HR manager was to decide as to what arrangement be made for the appointment of needed persons. She hit upon a plan. According to this plan some employees would be recruited with the help of existing employees, for some other internet would be approached and for the remaining potential employees placement agencies operating in the market would be contacted.

(a)  Describe what function of management has been referred to in the above paragraph ?
(b)  What sources of recruitment are being used by H.R. Manager ? Explain briefly.
(c)  Identify the value hinted at.         

2)External-Recommendations of Employees
                 Web Publishing
                  Placement Agencies
3)Social Welfare
   Employment to all
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