1.   Mr. Rakesh kathuria is the owner of "Kathuria store". He has divided his business into four departments. All department have been instructed to comply with certain general guidelines while discharging their functions. By doing so, they will
definitely achieve better performance. All managers complied with this instruction.
   Identify the concept of management mentioned in the above paragraph.

2.  Marketing manager of  'Guru Kripa Ltd.' has set targets of his sales Executives. But he did not give them the authority
to grant rebate and credit facility to the customers. which are so essential various occasions. Consequently sales, executives failed to achieve their targets.
Identify the principle of management ignored in this case.

Dear student,

1 Division of work and discipline are mentioned in above paragraph.By dividing the work in different departments each employee can concentrate on only one type of work which will increase his efficiency and he acquires speed and accuracy which leads to specialisation.Discipline implies that organisation must follow rules and regulations. By following guidelines while discharging their functions ensures smooth functioning of organisation.

2. Fayol's principle of authority and responsibility is ignored in this case.
Authority is the right to get work done from others and responsibility is the obligation to perform the assigned task. Authority and responsibility must go hand in hand. Authority without responsibility leads to irresponsible behaviour and responsibility without authority makes a person ineffective. 
Since, there was no authority given to sales executives, they failed to achieve targets.


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