Q4 dk goel class 12th

Q4 dk goel class 12th J. X purchased the business of Y from 1st April, 2019. For this purpose is to be valued at 1000/0 of the average annual profits of the last four years. . profits shown by Fs business for the last four years were : Year ended 31st March, 2016 Profit I (after debiting loss of stock by fire eso,000) 2017 Loss (includes voluntary retirement compensation paid e 80,000) 2018 Profit 2019 Profit Verification of books Of accounts revealed the following (i) During the year ended 31 St March, 2017, a machine got destroyed in accident and was written off as loss in Profit & Loss Account. (ii) On 1st July 2017, Two Computers costing R40,OOO each were purchased and were debited to Travelling Expenses Account on which depreciation is to be charged@ 10% p.a. on Straight Line Method. Calculate the value of goodwill. Goodwill

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