Q1. Name two main industrialists who supported the CDM. Why were these industrialists not remained enthusiastic and supportive when this movement was started in its second phase? (1+4)

Q2. What solution was suggested by the dalit leaders to solve the problems of the depressed classes? How did Dr. Ambedkar try to improve the conditions of depressed classes? Give three points (2+3)

Q3. 'The sense of collective belonging or feeling of Nationalism was encouraged by different ways and means'. Give any five arguments to support the statement. (5)

The solution to question 1 is provided below-
​​​​​-Q1: The two industrialists who supported civil disobedience movement are-1. Purushottam Das 2. G.D Birla.
They did not supported when this was started at its second phase because after the failure of the  Round table conference the enthusiasm of industrialists started to falter . Also because they were worried of the disruption in business because of spread of militant activities and growth of socialism  amongst Congress was also a matter of concern for the industrialists. So they decided to stay away in later phases of CDM.
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