Q. On 31st March. 2014. the Balance Sheet of Pooja, Qureshi and Ross, who 
were partners in a firm was as under : ​
Liabilites Rs.  Assets Rs.
Creditors 250000 Building 260000
Capital A/C   Investment 110000
Pooja 150000 Qureshi's Loan 100000
Qureshi 100000 Debtors 150000
Ross 100000 Stock 120000
Reserve Fund 200000 Cash  60000
  800000   800000

Qureshi died on 1st July, 2014. The profit-sharing ratio of the partners was 
On the death of a partner, the partnership deed provided for the following : 
(i) His share in the profits of the firm till the date of his death will be calculated on the basis of average profits of last three completed years. 
(ii) Goodwill of the firm will be calculated on the basis of total profit of last two years. 
(iii) Interest on loan given by the firm to a partner will be charged at the rate of 6% p.a. or whichever is more. 
(iv) Profits tor the last three years were Rs. 45,000, Rs. 48,000 and Rs. 33,000. 
Prepare Qureshi's Capital Account to be rendered to his executors.

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