Q-12- Staffing-b)Plan of Mr. Bahuguna relates to which component of management ? Identify & describe the same . C) what value is effected here? Answer these

12.  Mr. Ram Murti, the director of "Bahuguna Ispat Udyog Ltd." is of the opinion that an employee is a prudent and sensitive resource of the organisation. As such, special attention must be paid to his emotions.

This is the reason why Mr. Bahuguna always formulate such plans and projects as are beneficial to both the employees and the organisation. With a view to giving a practical shape to his opinion, he has chalked out a plan. According to this plan, employees should be inspired to visit popular management institutes to acquire latest knowledge. This will enhance their performance level and prove beneficial to the organisation as well as the employees. Keeping it in view, Mr. Bahuguna, contracted IIM, Ahmedabad. The latter agreed, on the undertaking that their (IIM) MBA students be allowed to visit the company so that they get some practical knowledge. Both reached an agreement. 

(i) What objective of the management has been referred to at the beginning of the above paragraph? Identify it?

A staffing
B training it refers to the process by which the ability and skill of doing a job is improved
C motivation to employees and fulfilment of personal objectives
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