Q.1 what is PRI? What dirty tricks did it play to win elections in Mexico?

Q.2 how did China established a community government?

Q.3 how law were made by one single ruler in Zimbabwe?

Q.4 how did Robert Mugabe establish his dictatorial rule after Independence?

Due to paucity of time all your question could not be answered.

1)  Until 2000, every election in Mexico was won by the dominant party called PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party).

  • In its presence, opposition parties did contest elections, but never managed to win.
  • The PRI was known to use many dirty tricks to win elections.
  • All those who were employed in government offices had to attend its party meetings.
  • Teachers of government schools used to force parents to vote for the PRI.
  • Media largely ignored the activities of opposition political parties except to criticise them.
  • Sometimes the polling booths were shifted from one place to another in the last minute, which made it difficult for people to cast their votes.
  • The PRI spent a large sum of money in the campaign for its candidates.


2) China established a communist government:

The Chinese communist party was established in the year 1925. Mao Tse Dong was the leader of communist party. It waged war against the war lords along with KMT(Kuomintang) party. KMT tried to oust CCP and expand its control all over China. Mao Tse Dong launched a Long March of 6000 miles from 1934-35 to form a strong base in northern China. A civil war between KMT and CCP was fought in China. It was aggravated by the foreign interference of Japan in the year 1937. The government of Chiang kai Shek( KMT) was supported by USA. However, at the of Second World War, Japan was defeated and she withdrew from China. Chiang Kai Shek fled to Formosa island. Mao Tse Dong captured this opportunity and claimed the rule of CCP all over China. He stayed as a leader till 1976.

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