Protective discrimination helps to protect from social discrimination.” Justify

Protective discrimination is the policy of granting speacial treatment to downtrodden  , weakened people of society.These are the affirmative action and program visible in U.S and India.The policy of protective discrimination is a way to provide socio-economic equality in society.Protective discrimination can be understood with the help of example of reservations for women , SC ,ST and other backward classes in the country India. Here these classes were provided reservation in government jobs and admissions to government colleges and also in legislatures. This helped in attaining the adequate representation of these classes in our government and help to uplift them from social and economic and political backwardness. This have shown significant results since times of independence and have served the purpose of upliftment of downtrodden classes in Hindu society which have been discriminated since ages in the country.Women is similarly given representation in panchayat to make them empowered. So as these classes are disadvantaged classes so speacial arrangements is provided to them by state to ensure their integration with mainstream country and hence is justified step as it will bring the ultimate equality.

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