prepare a poster to bring about awareness against the reckless use of plastic

                                                                            BE SAFE SE HEALTHY
3rd july,India is progressing with a great speed.Lots are alternative products are fluorishing in the market.People in thi sera is moving towards shortcuts with a belief that'Shortcuts ka zamzzna hai'.Ram kumar,a resident of Lucknow says that in this progressive world we can't go with long term facts,we need some short ways and easier methods to complete our works.But our dependency on shortcuts has made our surrounding hazardic.Yes!the raised issue of today's time i.e.,PLASTICS.As per the survey we did a conclusion came out that if plastics are rejected then 63% hazardic health issues may vanish.
  • Serious illness like cancer and tumer in today's time is caused by plastics.It has some toxins which are released when food is kept in it.
  • When plastics are thrown after a particular use then do not get with soil and convert themselves as manure,insted they stay as still and the toxins are released.
  • When the innocent animals feed on them they can't digest it properly and plastics make their digestive system chocked.
  • Plastics can't be recycled into another products.
Government has recently made a law that if a shop uses plastic bags for departing it's products it may pay a fine of 4,000 per month.To be secure now,is etter than to be ill.
                                         So let's take a step forward and 'SAY NO TO PLASTICS'

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