' Political parties are necessary condition for a democracy.' Discuss.

Political parties are necessary for democracy due to the following reasons.

1. They provide voters with alternative ways of governance and economic management on which the voters can exercise choice.

2. They provide candidates in elections who, if victorious, go to the legislature to make laws.

3. They provide the leaders who form the government to run the administration.

4. They also form the opposition in the legislature to act as a check on the government.

5. They provide a means for the general people to make their voices heard in the legislature and government. They represent the people in the legislature and ensure that laws are passed to reflect the will of the people. 

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if political parties will not be there each and evey person will go for his representation in the parliment . indivisuals will represent their localities bt there wont be any one to look after the working of the country thus political paties are essential to democracy

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We need political parties on account of the functions they perform:

  • They draw together people who have similar political philosophies and ideas.
  • In the parliamentary arena, political parties provide the government and opposition
  • They also lend organisational support. The party machine, also known as the extra-parliamentary wing of the party, is responsible for organising and financing election campaigns, developing policies and recruiting members.
  • They articulate philosophies and develop policies.
  • They are an avenue for community groups to influence the decision-making process.
  • They are one of the main avenues for political debate and discussion in the community
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