Plzz solve this fsst

Plzz solve this fsst CASEIET I : Style furnishings Ltd., is a concern which deals in the production of office furniture. The company has a policy of offering 10 percent discount to their regular customers and a -t period of 30 days. Mr. Sam, their sales manager, is an efficient and effective Personnel ted with company Sinu last 12 years. finalising a high value deal with an old client, Mr. Sam gets stuck in a situation as the requests him to grant a credit period of 40 days. The client even offers to hand over a dated cheque for the 40th day. Sam approaches his senior manager with the request to take permission for an extended •t period as the deal is quite profitable. The senior manager refuses to grant it and the pany loses the order and also disappoints an Old and faithful client. the basis Of the given information about Style Furnishings Ltd., answer the following questions: (a) Can Mr. Sam be held responsible for losing the deal? Give reason for your answer. (b) Explain the related principle in the above situation. (3 Marks)

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(a) No, we cannot hold Mr. Sam responsible for losing the deal. He wasn't given the necessary authority to carry out the assigned responsibility. This is a clear situation of imbalance between authority and responsibility.

(b) The concerned principle in the above case is, 'Parity of Authority and Responsibility'. This principle states that there should be a balance between authority and responsibility ie., the authority should always be equal to responsibility. Authority is the right to take decisions and get it implemented through subordinates, whereas responsibility refers to the obligation on the part of subordinates for doing /completing the assigned the task.

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