plz give me any sample project on environment

Well,I cannot provide a full project but I can guide you by giving some points around which you can build your project :

1.Introduction : "Environment" is one of the hot topics across the globe.How we ignore the importance of Environment in our day-to-day lives.

2.Present Situation : You can talk about what is the present state of environment.How climatic conditions are depleting!How water level is rising.What has caused all countries to pay so much attention to carbon emissions and environment status!?

3.The Depletion : How environment has degrade over the time?!What were the causes.?What role did industrial sector or agricultural sector or service sector has played in depletion?Which countries have major contribution in depletion?What are the effects of depletion?

4.Steps : What steps are being taken and should be taken to preserve and save environment.?The meaning of "Sustainable Development" should be made clear to everyone!!It should be practiced.How companies have to submit Environment Impact Assessment report!!

5.Role of India : How's India contributing to save environment.!?How much damage does India do!?

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