PLZ explain the following

1 anecdote

2 delicate realism

3 figurative painting

4 illusionistic likeness

5 conceptual space



Hope this helps:

  • anecdote: From the text, the meaning of anecdote can be inferred as a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or exciting nature

  • delicate realism: It refers to the alluring quality of the art which makes it seem real. It is an interest in or concern for the actual or real as opposed to abstract.

  • illusionistic likeness: It refers to an adjective of the technique of using pictorial methods in order to deceive the eye. The reference is to an illusion created by the semblance of something.

  • figurative painting: A figurative painting refers to the metaphoric representation of a piece of art, through the eyes of the creator’s imagination.

  • conceptual space: It refers to relation with the abstract than the factual representation. This is the incalculable dimension of the understanding of concepts.

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