plz arrange these,,,,

infuse / in / will / a / of / sense / a / man / it / humility.

blessings / him or her / makes / it / elders / recipient of

ancient time /  a / of / part / indian culture / form / very / this / custom / has been


@Anupriya, your friend Jagriti has given perfectly arranged the second and third sentences. The first sentence would be: It will infuse in a man a sense of humility. Hope your doubt is cleared.

@Jagriti, very well done! Keep up the spirit of helping your fellow mates. You get a thumbs up from Meritnation expert on the same.

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it will infuse in a man a sense of humility.
it makes him/her recipient of elders blessings.
this custom has  been a part of indian culture from the very ancient times.

im not sure about the third one though!
hope it helps,
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Little mini was five years
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