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Plz answer plz II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. n 900/0' 17:59 READ-ONLY — This is an older file forma... t wo - Topic : Make a Square root spiral Of Design a crossword puzzle using mathematical terms / words. Do the given questions of the assignment Find the measure Of an if five times its complement is less than twice its supplement. In fig- I , AB, CD and EF are three lines concurrent at O. Find value of y _ c Fig- 1 fig-2 measure Of Some Of the angles are given Show that II EF , Fig-2 In fig-3 line I II m II n. ifx : z = 7 : 3_ Find x, y, and z. The sum of two angles Of a angle is 1250 and their difference is 350. Find the measure of each angle of the triangle. Construct a ABC, in which BC=4.4 cm, AB-AC = 2 cm and Construct a rhombus whose diagonals are 4 cm and 6 cm in lengths. The base of a right angled triangle is 63 cm and its hypotenuse is 65 cm. Find the area oftriangle usmg Heron's formulae. The sides of triangles are in the ratio and the perimeter of triangular field is 450 m. Find area Of triangle. The base Of an Isosceles triangle is 120 Ctn and its area is S Using Heron' S formulae, find the perimeter of mangle. Find the area of trapezium whose parallel sides are 60 cm and 77 cm and non parallel sides are of length and 25 Cm. A park in the shape of a quadrilateral ABCD has LB—900. AB— 10 m. BC— 24 m. CD=IS m and ADZ 16 m. Find the area of park. Find the COSt Of leveling a ground in the form Of a triangle having Sides 37 m and at the rate of Rs_ 7 per m: The base Of an Isosceles triangle is 36 Cm and its area is 432 F its perimeter If each side of a triangle is doubled. then find the ratio of area of the new triangle thus formed and the given triangle. Prove that the sum of the angles of a triangle is 1800.

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