plsss!!!!!!  suggest me a working model on any topic of physics for class xi bt a gud one.

To make a working model you will need to be clear with what is being taught in the subject. Once you do that, look at the real life applications of what you have been taught in the same. Using that you will easily be able to make a working model based on application of the concepts taught.
Feel free to ask wherever you have any doubts.

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Physics / Electronics Projects with Reports 
  Burglar Alarm 
 Rain Alarm / water Level Indicator
 Fire Alarm
 Light Activated Alarm / Day Alarm
 Electronic Eye / Night Alarm
 Magnet Detector 
 Clap Switch / Sound Operated Switch
 Dsncing Lights
 Automatic Night Light 
 Torch Light
 Electric Bell
 Single tune Musical Bell
 Light dimmer
 Grip Testing Game
 Windmill Generator (Small)
 Windmill Generator (Big)
 Water Turbine
 Solar Cooker
 Solar Light
 Solar Bell
 Solar Photovoltaic Modules for Education
 Home Wiring
 Demonstration Type Transformer
 Demonstration Type Meter
 Automobile Flasher / Direction Indicator
 Resistance In Series & Parallel
 Kirchoffs Law
 Wheatstone Bridge
 Logic Gate (any one: And / OR / NAND / NOR
 Logic Gate (Having all five gates)
 Magnetic Door Alarm
 Simple Half Wave Rectifier Power Supply
 5V/12V Regulated Power Supply
 Full Wave Rectifier Power Supply 
 Electrical Conductor Model
 Time Switch 
 Electronic Letter Box
 Thermocouple (heat energy to electrical energy)
 Electronic Organ
 Noise Pollution Checker
 Water Pollution Checker
 Metal Detector
 Traffic Lights
 Optical Fibre Switch
 Loudspeaker (Microphone Amplifier
 Six LED Water Level Indicator
 Emergency Light Cum Charger
 Electric Shock Game
 Two Bulbs in Series Circuit 
 Two Bulbs in Parallel Circuit
 Morse Single (2 way)
 Transformer Experiments
 NPN Transistor Amplifier
 PNP Transistor Amplifier 
 LDR Working 
 Audio Osclliator
 Soil Moisture Indicator
 3D-In-One Electronics Kit For Students
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 electro magnetism will be the best ..................

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plssss can u tell some site to find these or else i will find bt if u can plsss do reply

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suggest me abest working model for physics

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 any physics project of class11

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 direction indicator

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 give me 20 project ideas for class 7 for science week

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simple and eassy physics project for class 11th

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easy project for class 6

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plz help me which project is best for 11 class.

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 plzz i want to make working model in 1 week  related to physics

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 can u plz tell me how to make project on banking of roads/centre of mass

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 how can i tell 

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