Please help with a suitable answer for Q-1.

Please help with a suitable answer for Q-1. 1 of 26 PRACTICAL QUESTIONS (Question Nos. I to 34 are strictly in the serial order of illustrations) Q, I. From the following information, prepare Income and Expenditure for the year ending on 31st March, 2019 ofan Entertainment Club Cash Balance 14-2018 Life Membership Fees 's Rent e Fees ptions 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 14,200 7,200 Rent SO ,OOO Fwniture purchased 'salary Insurance premium i Charges Printing Investments 3.71300 Balance 31-3-2019 Donation for Swimming PMI 50,000 2.40,000 1260m 18,200 3,00000 Scanned by Cam Scanner FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF NOT•FOR.PROFIT ORGANISA 700 12.000 Advertisen*M [Aus. surplus 085001 Q. 2. How will you deal with the Entrance Fees While preparing the final for the year ended 31st March. 2017, in each Of the following alternative : Case I. During the 2016-17, Entrance Fees received 2. During the year 2016-11 , Entrance Fees received I It is the club to treat the Entrance Fees as revenue receipt. Case 3. During the Entrance Fees received I , 50,000. It is the Club to treat the Entrance Fees as capital receipt. Case 4. During the y ear 2016• 17, Entrance Fees received I According of club of tix Fees is to capitalised. Case I. Entrance Fees credited to Income and Expenditure Account Case 2. Entrance Fees credited and Account I , 50. (M.

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