Please answer the below.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate options given: (0.5x4=2)
1. It(a) ------------- too late when Ravi saw the watch. He was taken over by the old
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fear that he might (b) ----------- stranded for whole night. He (c) --------------------
the train. Once he had missed the train and was up and (d) ----------------- a taxi.
(a) (i) was getting (ii) got (iii) gets (iv) have gotten
(b) (i) missed (ii) have missed (iii) miss (iv) misses
(c) (i) hurries (ii) hurried (iii) would hurry (iv) hurriedly
(d) (i) hires (ii) hired (iii) would hire (iv) hiring

Dear Student

a) got
b) (the options provided don't match and make sense here)
c) hurried
d) hired


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