Please answer questions 15 to 20: 
15. Correct IUPAC name of  H 3 C C H ( C 2 H 5 ) C H ( C 2 H 5 ) C H 3  is:
(a) 2-ethyle-3-methyl-pentane                        (b) 3. 4 dimethyl hexane 
(c) 2-sec--butyl butane                                  (d) 2. 3 dimethyl butane
16. Which of the following carbocation is most stable ?
(a) (CH​3)3CCH2 +                                (b) (CH3)3C+
(c) CH3CH2CH2 +                                (d) CH3CH+CH2CH3
17. But-l-ene molecule carbonhas which type of hybridisation ?
(a) SP3                                   (b) SP2
(c) SP3 & SP2                        (d) SP
18. Which molecule has the least C-C distance ?
(a) C2H6                     (b) C2H4
(c) C2H2                     (d) C2H8 
19. Which of the following has the higest dipole movement ?
(a) CO2                      (b)HI
(c) H2O                      (d)SO2
20. Which of the following has the options represents the correct bond order?
(a) O2 - > O> O2 +                   (b) O2 - < O< O2 +
(c) O2 - > O< O2 +                         (c) O2 - < O2 > O2 +


Dear student
Please find the solution to the asked query:

So the correct bond order is :

O2+ > O2 > O2 -
O2-< O2 < O2+

Hence option B is correct.

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