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15. Reema and Seema are partner sharing profit equally.  The partnership deep provides that both Reema and Seema will get monthly salary of  Rs. 5,000 each. Interest on Capital will be allowed @ 5% P. A and  interest on Drawings Will be Charged @ 10% p.a. Their capitals were Rs. 5,00,000 each and drawing during  the year were Rs. 60.000 each.
The firm incurred a loss of  Rs. 1,00.000 during the year ended 31st March, 2018.
Prepare Profit and loss Appropriation Account for the year ended 31st March. 2018. 

Dear Student,
Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
for the year ended March 31, 2018
Dr.     Cr.
Particulars Amount
Particulars Amount
Profit & Loss A/c 1,00,000 Interest on Drawings A/c:  
Salary to   Reema 3,000  
 Reema 60,000   Seema 3,000 6,000
 Seema 60,000 1,20,000 Loss transferred to  
Interest on Capital:     Reema 1,32,000  
 Reema 25,000     Seema 1,32,000 2,64,000
 Seema 25,000 50,000    
  2,70,000   2,70,000

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