Out of Na and Na+ which one has larger size and why?

 Na has 11 electrons from which 1 electron is in the last orbit and having three orbit K,L,M, but when it becomes Na+ it means 1 electron is removed from its outermost orbit that is M then it would have now  orbit K,L which are two thus Na has larger size THAN Na+

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Na+ is smaller than Na because, it has given away one electron because of which the electron shielding gets stronger due to more protons and less electrons. Whereas, Cl- is larger than Cl because it has gained an extra electron and so, the no.of electrons increase thus extending the attraction to one more, leading to decreases nuclear attraction .
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Na because it the large electron confriguration than Na+ ion makes their electron confriguration is as like Neon .
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Which of the following have large size (Ca,Ca+.)
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in Na + ion as it has lost one electron,due to decrease in no of shells,the effective nuclear charge increases leading to decrease in atomic size.hence Na atom will be larger
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Ca has large size
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Na has greater size than Na+ because Na has more number of shell than Na+ as it is characteristic of atomic radii
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