name the major enzymes used in industry and ekplain der importance . (5 marks)

An enzyme acts as a catalyst in living organisms which regulates the rate of chemical reactions. They are used in industrial processes such as: Baking, Brewing, Detergents, Fermented products, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, etc

Chemicals used in industrial processes are one of the most severe threats to nature but using enzymes in industrial purposes are eco friendly. Enzymes can replace chemicals and minimize energy consumption. Enzymes have been used in the making of cheese, yoghurt, bread, beer, wine etc. Enzymes allow certain industrial processes to be carried out at normal temperatures and pressures, thereby reducing the amount of energy and expensive equipment needed. The enzymes in yeast break down sugar into alcohol (ethanol) and carbon dioxide gas. Some of the major enzymes are listed below.


Function of enzymes

Baby food

Start off digestion of food by proteases and lipases)


break down starch syrup into glucose syrupwith the help of carbohydrases
 and isomerase enzyme is used in artificial sweetner.


Fruit juice

Pectinase makes the juice clear


Papain is responsible for meat tenderness


Cancer treatment and drug making


Proteases and lipases removes stains


Renin used in the making of cheese.

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