Name any two techniques which can help in early detection of bacterial and viral infections much before the symptoms appear in the body?

I dont think so there is.... Coz befor symptoms ... On what basis the test should be conducted
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This question has came in cbse
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there are a few techniques being found such as :
1. Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA which detects the presence of the virus, antigen or antibody in a sample.
2. Polymerase chain reaction or PCR which generates copies of a particular section of a single DNA strand into thousands. From these strands, we can find if they are vectors for the bacteria or have any expressions of them.
* Another method is by examining RNA within circulating immune cells and at times, detecting the diseases through Hemorrhagic fevers. But even with these methods, the first preference in detecting diseases is always given to distinguishing the symptoms and signs of the patients.
Hope this helps !
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I can't understand how ELISA becoz it is a test for AIDS.
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In this direction, ELISA(Engyme Linked Radio Immuno Assay) and RIA(Radio Immuno Assay) will be apt.
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PCR and ELISA helps in early detection
PCR - polymerase chain reaction
ELISA- enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay
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