Name 4 important problems of bar magnet

what problems???????????

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it losses it's properties on heating , hammering and droping

it damages radio, phones etc on taking close to it

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If you meant the properties of magnets the answer is given below:-

  1. It shows attractive properties.
  2. Magnetic strength is maximum at the poles and minimum in the middle.
  3. A freely suspended magnet always points in the north-south direction.
  4. Like poles repel,while unlike poles attract each other.
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If you meant the ways the magnet losses it's magnet:-

  • If it is heated.
  • if it is hammered.
  • rough handled.(thrown from a height.)
  • Kept without any protection.
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If you meant Demagnetization, then the follows:

1. By heating

2. By hammering

3. By dropping the magnet several times

If you meant Properties of a magnet:

1. The poles exist in pairs

2. Directive property

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 1. by heating                                         if you mean about the demagnetization of it:                    2. by hammering it
 3. by dropping it so many times  
 3. by keeping it without any protection

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if we hit it with a hammer we will not be able to use it
if we drop it from a height we will not be able to use it
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we should not drop it
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