Ms. Jayshree recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. A few months from now a large steel manufacturing company appointed her as its human resource manager. As of now, the company employs 800 persons and has an expansion plan in hand which may require another 200 persons for various types of additional requirements. Ms. Jayshree has been given complete charge of the company’s Human Resource Department.

1. Point out, what functions is she supposed to perform?
2. What problems do you foresee in her job?
3. What steps is she going to take to perform her job efficiently?
4. How significant is her role in the organisation?

1. As a human resource manger the main function that she would be performing is the staffing function. She must ensure that according to the expansion plan of the organisation, positions are filled with qualified and suitable candidates and that the positions remain filled. Subsequently she must ensure that the candidates are trained properly and remain motivated. It is her role to ensure that the individual goals of the employees are in harmony with the organisational goals.

The functions of Ms. Jayshree can be summarised as follows.

i. Recruiting the qualified candidates
ii. Preparing job descriptions
iii. Preparing a compensation plans and incentive plans
iv. Training the employees as per the job requirements
v. Maintaining harmonious relations with the employees
vi. Working towards social security and welfare of the employees
vii. Defending the company in case of any law suits and legal complications

2. The following can be some of the problems that Ms. Jayshree might face.

i. Her job requires her to perform many specialised functions simultaneously.
ii. Selecting the right candidates suitable for the jobs is a rigorous process.
iii. Identifying the right source from where the candidates can be recruited is a challenge.
iv. Arranging for training the personnel in the skills required as per the job.

3. The following steps must be taken to perform the job efficiently.

i. A proper staffing plan must be formulated so as to estimate the present as well as future human resource requirements.
ii. The qualifications required for various jobs must be pre-decided.
iii. An assessment test must be developed to screen the potential candidates.
iv. The job should be advertised well so as to attract potential candidates.
v. A proper selection test and interview must be conducted.

4. Her job is very significant in the organisation. It is very important to ensure that the right and the suitable candidates are selected for the job. Wrong selection of the candidates can badly affect the performance and efficiency in the organisation. Moreover, as human behaviour is complicated it becomes all the more complex to select the right candidate as per the job requirements. The following points justify the importance of human resource management.

i. Recruiting the right and competent personnel, thereby, maintaining performance and efficiency
ii. Ensuring growth and survival in the organisation through proper planning for managers
iii. Maintaining the morale of the employees through regular assessment and incentive programmes
iv. Helps in optimum and proper utilisation of resources

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