Mg2+ ion is smaller than O2- ion although both have same electronic configuration..why??

yes m2+ is ion smaller than that of o2- because

in m2+ 2 e-s are deducted from itz shell where as in o2- 2 e-s are adding in ti d shell

as a result oxygens shells increase leading to in crease in size

where magnesium decreases in size due to deduction of 2 electrons.....:"):")

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coz Mg2+ has  lost 2 electrons while o2- has gained electron

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Larger the cation charge smaller the atomic size and larger the anion charge larger the atomic size. Hence on the basis of atomic size,

Mg2+<Mg and O2->O. we know, Mg<O

Hence Mg2+<Mg<O<O2-.

Thus due to increase in nuclear charge, Mg2+ <O2-

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I mean Mg2+<O2- (In the last line.)

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Mg2+ and O2- ions are isoelectronic (they have the same number of electrons). However, magnesium has a greater number of protons than oxygen, and hence greater effective nuclear charge and larger force of attraction with the valence electrons.

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More effective nuclear charge

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Gucci gang
Gucci gang
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b) Electron gain enthalpy of chlorine is more negative than fluorine
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