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At least two people in association establish a gathering of people or social group. It has normal point. In its exacting sense, bunch is an assortment of individuals cooperating together in a precise manner based on shared assumptions regarding each other's conduct. Because of this cooperation, the individuals from a gathering, feel a sound judgment of having a place. 

Qualities or characteristics of Social Groups: 
1. Shared Awareness: 
The individuals from a gathering of people should be commonly identified with each other. A more total of people can't comprise a gathering of people except if equal mindfulness exist among them. 
2. One or more normal Interests: 
Gatherings are for the most part framed for the satisfaction of specific interests. The people who structure a gathering ought to have at least one than one normal interests and beliefs. It is for the acknowledgment of normal interests that they get together. 
3. Feeling of Unity: 
Every gathering of people requires feeling of solidarity and a sensation of compassion toward the improvement of an inclination or feeling of belongingness. The individuals from a gathering of people foster normal faithfulness or sensation of compassion among themselves in all issue in light of this feeling of solidarity. 
4. We-feeling: 
A feeling of we-feeling alludes to the inclination with respect to the individuals to recognize themselves with the gathering. They treat the individuals from their own gathering as companions and the individuals having a place with different gatherings as untouchables. 
5. Closeness of Behavior: 
For the satisfaction of normal interest, the individuals from a gathering act along these lines. Gathering of people addresses aggregate conduct. The-methods of conduct of the individuals on a gathering are pretty much comparable. 
6. Gathering Norms: 
Every single gathering has its own standards and standards and the individuals should follow these. He who goes amiss from the current gathering standards is seriously rebuffed. These standards might be as customs, society ways, mores, customs, laws and so on.


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