mention different aspects of life in which women are discriminated in india

1.the literacy rate of women is only 54% compared to 76% of men.

2.proportion of women among highly paid and valued jobs is still very small.

3.the equal wages act provides that equal wages should be given to equal work but , in practice it is not so..

4. parents in majority still prefer to have sons and find ways to have girl child aborted...

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In india women are discriminated in the following ways:
1. they are not provided adequate education. Thus, the literacy rate in women is just 54%.
2.most of the labour done by them is unpaid.Where they are paid for their work, they receive lesser wages than men.
3.due to preference for the boy child, female foeticide is practiced in many parts of the country.
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(a) Literacy Rate?The literacy rate among women is only 54% as compared to 76% among men. Similarly, a smaller proportion of girl students go for higher studies because parents prefer to spend their resources for their boys? education than spending equally on their daughters.
(b) Unpaid Work?The proportion of women among the highly paid and valued jobs is still very small. Though on an average, Indian women work one hour more than men everyday, most of them are not paid equally and therefore, their work is often not valued.
(c) Sex Ratio?In many parts of India, parents prefer to have sons, and find ways to have the girl child aborted before she is born. This has led to a decline in the child sex ratio (the number of girl children per thousand boys) in the country to merely 927.
(d) Domestic Violence?There are reports of various kinds of harassment, exploitation and violence against women. Both urban as well as rural areas have become unsafe for women They are not safe even within their own homes from beating and other forms of domestic violence.
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1. in smaller proportion, girls are not allowed for higher studies.
2. girls are not given jobs that are highly paid and valued.
3. men and women are discriminated on the basis of salary for the same job.
4. if the mother comes to know that she is going to give birth to a girl child, the child is sexually aborted.
5. the literacy rate of women's are still low as compared to men.
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(i) Low lireracy rate (ii) Low paid (iii)No job (iv)Preference to have a son
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(a) Education: Education is one of the most important factor in which women are discriminated in our country. In India, the literacy rate of women is still lower than men. If we check the facts there are only 54% of the women are literate against 76% literacy among men. (b) Proportion of women in paid jobs: The job proportion of women still have a small share in the highly paid jobs. Women are much hard worker than men even though on an average an Indian women works one hour more than an average man every day but still work of a women did not get that much importance due to which they have to work for low paid jobs. (c) Preference for a male child: In India, still the mentality of many did not changed. They still prefer sons over daughters and find ways of aborting girl child. This abortion has led to decline in child sex ratio. (d) Crime against women: Women in our country are not safe. The crime rate against women is very high. Women gets exploited and harassed at the workplace and also at their home.
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Unequal share in property and facilities
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In India, women are discriminated and disadvantaged in the following ways: They are not provided adequate education. Thus, the literacy rate among women is just 54%. Most of the labour done by them is unpaid.
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