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a.} what is histroy ? how does study of histroy help us ?

b.} what is archaeology ? give two examples of archaeology sources .

c.} what are inscription ? why are they a reliable sources of imfromation ?

d.} name some types of literary sources used by histroians .

e.}why are accounts of foreign travellers important to us ?

The following points may help you:

1. a. The term history has been derived from the greek work historia, which mean investigation, inquiry. 

b. When we refer to history, we basically refer to the understanding and knowledge about the events that have brought about the evolution of society.
c. History gives us an understanding about the evolution of society, it is concerned with the changes that have occurred over a period of time. It serves as the basis of understanding of the present as it is only in the light of past we can analyse the present scenario.
d. In fact, it is both geography and science that influences are understanding of history
e. Various periods in Indian history contributed to our understanding. 
f. These periods are associated with development in the field both science, literature, geography, philosophy.
g. Developments in the field of science, astronomy adds to our knowledge about the evolution of society and life


2. Archeology is the study of human past by excavating and recovering material left by ancestors or previous human population.

a. It is from these archaeological sources like bones, pots, artifacts  historians try to reconstruct the history, to find the origin and evolution of human society.
b. Archaeologists use varied sources to understand their way of life, occupation, human culture.

c.Archaeologists are involved with practical work, involved in excavating, digging of historical sites,in studying objects, artifacts from history

3. Inscriptions:They are writings on the hard surfaces like metal or stone.They refer to writings engraved on stones.

b. These inscriptions  are reliable sources of information about the history of that period.
c. They help to explain chronology of events, important developments and provides us with a more unbiased information.

d. We may give example of inscriptions inscribed in the Ashoks's period in the pillars and rock surfaces.


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