Kindly please check this too???

Kindly please check this too??? by pla•ing the adieelivvs i" the right order. is in a old. rectangular' 2 We interesting. two) classes this few. tasteless, tiny) sandwiches for 4. drank some _ (American. orange. sweet) 5_ met a group of . ve,smart, young) S. They wrote a extensive, math) exam. (broken, tiny, ugly) car. S. They (colourful, round, southern) Würelookingfor . (fresh, red, some) apples. Thu retauranthad (Italian, delicious, some) Task to make their Writing interestin& the The nappy and underline ih€ ,auuun. stood the statue "i

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

9. Beautiful old Spanish city
10. Small old black Turkish box

  1. big, old rectangular
  2. two interesting English
  3. a few, tasteless, tiny
  4. sweet, orange American
  5. five smart young
  6. difficult extensive maths
  7. ugly, tiny broken
  8. round colourful southern
  9. some fresh red
  10. some delicious Italian
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