justify all political expressions of social divisions need not be always dangerous


Social divisions reflects the division of society on the basis of caste, religion , region , language etc and get expressed in politics in various forms and may not always be dangerous, rather

1. It allows marginal and disadvantaged groups to ventilate their grievances with the support of political parties and compels government to be responsive to their needs.

2. It also ensures adequate representation to such diverse groups and due accommodation of their interests.

3. Political expression of social divisions has often helped these marginalised groups who have been discriminated to fight against injustice prevailing in the society to voice their dissent in a peaceful constitutional manner.

4. Any representation of such social division expands the very idea of Democracy and ensures power sharing amongst them.

One can quote the example of Belgium which ensured that all linguistic groups are duly recognized and accommodated in its system of power sharing to prevent the outbreak of conflict in the society. It not only provided for community government but also equal representation to the linguistic groups in the central government.

Even in India, we can give example of Linguistic reorganization of states, where states have been created on the basis of languages like Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh, then Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. Such a reorganization was initially felt would lead to disintegration of the country and would foster separatism rather it has helped in expanding democracy and reduced the chances of possible conflict and disintegration of society. In India, expression of social division in politics has rather strengthened national unity by giving due respect to diverse groups.




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