justified the title"if i were you"?

The title of the play ‘If I Were You’ by Douglas James is very apt as per the plot. In the play, an intruder enters Gerrard’s cottage. The intruder points a gun at him and asks different questions. He tries to get all the details about Gerrard with a plan in his mind. The intruder is a robber who is chased by the police. So, he plans that he would get all the details from Gerrard so that he could assume his identity and hide from the police. He threatens to kill Gerrard and tells him that he would disguise himself as Gerrard and thus he would be free to go anywhere he likes. But Gerrard fools the intruder by showing him the packed bag, gun, and the disguise outfit and makes him believe that he himself was planning to run away as he is also wanted by police. Gerrard then somehow manages to lock the intruder in the cupboard and phones the police. Thus it can be seen that there are two instances in the play in which one person tries to assume the identity of another. At first the intruder tries to become Gerrard and then Gerrard assumes the identity of a criminal being chased by police. The title of the play very accurately hints this altering of identities.

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