it is observed that constipation is common among people in the western countries who eat more meat and processed food than us.What can be the for this?

Meat is the only reason...
The meat takes a long time to digest so there is frequent constipation in them...
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Proccesed food and meats contains very little roughage .The lack of roughage leads to constipation in people who consume foods deficient in roughage such as meat ,processed flour ,white flour and breads etc.
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I don't have any answer
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Becoz of digition system would considerbly effect
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Constipation is caused if our diet lacks in the content of roughage.And the people living in the western countries eat more meat and processed food which contain very little roughage.So, constipation is common among the people in the western countries
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very tough question.ask some simpler ones. 
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as they don't include roughage in their diet.
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because meat and processed food contains very little roughage and lack of roughage in our diet leads to difficulty in passing of stool called constipation
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I do not know
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Because lack of roughage
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