Intext Question 1 from History (Chapter 2;NCERT)
What were the changes brought in the system of justice during British period? 

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a. The British laid the foundation of a strong Judicial system and established a hierarchy of civil and criminal courts.Under the Regulating Act of 1773,  new Supreme Court was also established.
b. The British introduced concepts like Rule of law , equality before law to Indians.
c. It did establish legal unity in the country, in principle.
d. But in reality, Indians and Europeans were tried in separate courts.
e. Europeans involved in criminal cases were tried by European judges only.
f. Europeans were given either less or no punishment in many cases.
g. There was another problem associated with judicial system, justice became too expensive Indians had to hire lawyers  who charged high fees.
h. Courts were situated in far off towns.
i. Complicated laws were beyond the grasp of an illiterate Indian.


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Changes in administration

1)  With its establishment in India, East India Company (EIC) brought many changes in Indian administration especially in the field of justice. As a result, each district was to have two courts namely, criminal and civil court 
2)  Hindu laws were compiled uniformly under the supervision and guidance of Hindu pandits in the year 1775 and in 1778 a separate set of Muslim laws were formulated in order to benefit European judges. 
3)  Collector was appointed in each district whose duties were to collect taxes, maintain law and order with the help of judges, police officer etc
4)  Moreover, in the year 1773, a new Supreme Court and a new court of appeal were established.

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