In my above question poverty estimate on consumption or income pattern see for example if rich man take less calorie because he want to remain fit but poor people take nutritious food then according to the concept rich people is poor as he is not taking nutritious food and poor people is not actually poor?support This answer by suitable statement and prove wrong?


In response to your query, poverty cut off line should be based on consumption pattern because of the following reasons:

i) Consumption basket of an individual reflects the actual use of goods and services whereas income only shows the capacity to purchase them.
ii) Income of an individual can be used for other purposes as well. For example- an individual may use his income to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, etc. 
iii) The actual data of consumption status is available but data for income level is not available.

Rich men take less calories because they engage themselves in less laborious work as compared to poor people. And as per your statement poor people take nutritious food, however, most of the poor persons are unable to spend much on the purchase of nutritious food.


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