imagine that you are a journalist you have been asked to interview write eight to ten question you wish to ask the questions should elicit comments as well as plans regarding water and electricity ,cleanliness and school education in the village

imagine that you are a journalist

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Q1. What is biggest problem or hurdle against the overall development of village?

Q2.What‘s your Motivation & where you going spend your Allocated budget maximum.

Q3. How many Government Schemes are implemented successfully so far in your tenure?

Q4. Your village how much are about Sawchh Bhatat & Make in India Campaign of GOI?

Q5. What are your plans for Girl Education & women empowerment?

Q6. What is the emergency plan to combat the Water shortage in Village?

Q7.How many houses are fully electrified so far?

Q8. Are villagers aware about CFL bulbs to reduce the Bill amount & save Energy?

Q9. Are people of village excited about Wind Energy & solar Power?

Q10. What are the Measurement to tackle with brain drain from village in the lack of education & option for job & higher education?

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