Imagine a society where there is no competition. Is it possible? If not, why not?

A society without competition is not possible. This is because it is an ambiguous idea, which is totally utopian in nature. Historically also, the idea of a society without competition, has failed miserably. Many societies adopted the ideology of socialism, which was based upon the principle of equality to all. However, socialism did not work as it was inconsistent with the fundamental principles of human behavior. It was inherent in human beings to compete, in order to survive. The growth of civilization has tempered indiscriminate competition to some extent and it has been the main difference between savages and civilized people. Technological advancements and innovations in human society have mostly taken place due to the urgency imposed by competition.

Furthermore, competition is the dominant ideology of capitalism. The main idea here lies behind rational individuals in free competition in the marketplace, each competing to get the maximum profit.

For example, if there was no competition, there would have been no difference between a student with the highest marks and a student with the lowest marks. Hence, the spirit of development would have been lost.

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