1.  if a man jumps out from a boat ,the boat moves a.forwards b.sidewards c.backwards d. downwards.
  2. while flying , the birds puch the air a.upwards b.downwards c. sidewards. d.backwards
  3. action and reaction act on?
  4. if an action is of 10n then the reaction will be of a.10n in the same direction b.20n in the same direction c.10n in the opposite direction

1. According to the Newton's third law of action when we jump out of the boat, the boat displaces backward. So the answer is backward.

2. While flying, bird push air downward which helps it to fly high in the air.

3. Action and reaction forces act on two different bodies.

4. The reaction force will be of same magnitude but act in opposite direction. So the answer is, 10 N in opposite direction.

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4.10 n in opposite direction

i do not know what's the answer of third question. 

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