identify two changes that can be reversed while preparing dishes at home

 reversible change

streching a rubber band 

roling a roti out of dough

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ice cream if  hot  it is a hot beverage to drink , if cooled it becomes as a milk shake , if freezed it is an ice- cream

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the melting of ice

when its kept in warm place it melts and becomes water but when freezed it turns back into ice

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meleting of ice
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Cooking Rice and Vegetables
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The two changes are:-vegetables and cooking food.
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Dear student the following is reversible
1. Add corriander o top of a salad.
2.Taking out the excess water from the dal .
hope it helps
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Milk is boiled to make kheer and can be cooled again
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1.Raw  roti to dough.
2. Raw puri to dough
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