↵  I sincerely request the experts to see to these.  I request the experts to clarify my doubt in the given link: https://www.meritnation.com/entrance-exams/ask•answer/question/i-sincerely-request-the-experts-to-clarify-my-doubt-or-figur/the-mughal•empire/11845101 https://www.meritnation.com/entrance-exams/ask-answer/question/there-was-a-question-in-the-ask-and-answer-forum-but-there/lines-and-angles/11845147 Sorryto repeat the same doubts again here, but I want the answer in a URGENT as I have to write these questions in my assingment too.

Dear Student,

We request you to post the query separately and not picture of the link to provide you with meaningful assistance.


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